Books by Pastor Sheldon R. Bryan

Sowing it, Growing it

Paperback / Kindle Edition

“Sowing It, Growing It” focuses on “The Parable of the Sower” and develops an approach to this parable that examines the various attitudes toward truth that each of us exhibit towards the Word of God. What’s your attitude towards truth? How do we respond to God’s revelations in our lives? “Sowing It, Growing It” takes a devotional look at the way we react towards the Word of God. It outlines four major reactions, three which are ultimately unfruitful (defiant, emotional, divided) and one that is fruitful (obedient). “Sowing It, Growing It” challenges us to aim higher, to think harder about the choices we make so that our lives can ultimately bear fruit to the glory of God.

Nehemiah: Experiencing the Comfort of God

Kindle Edition

The big picture message of Nehemiah: Experiencing the Comfort of God is that God grants us comfort and vision even in the lion’s den of depression and destitution. Through the study of the book and life of Nehemiah, I hope to give you essential biblical ideas for rebuilding with principled vision what so many homes, churches, and our nation has lost through perverted delusions. Like Israel of old, our church is blessed of God, our families are blessed of God, yet inspite of God’s blessings, we have become a reproach, a striking example of God’s blessings gone wrong. When we fail to exit the darkness of sin, clinging to practices and perversions that tear down our communal walls, can we expect to be ushered into the promise land? Only as we build together, in the light of God’s grace can we truly begin to experience His comfort and calling.

The ClayPot Christianity Series

Paperback Edition

The ClayPot Christianity Series are a collection of Bible Studies whose aim is to help grow Christians into powerful disciples for Jesus.


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